We just started to advertise

Today we placed our first ads with Pinterest and with Google. We are using text ads for Google and picture ads for Pinterest. We have used them to advertise other properties in the past so this isn't a totally new experience. I think the prices on our new site are very good and who doesn't love free shipping I think we have some of the best prices on American made bar stools. We want to add new products soon but unlike the bar stools we have already added to the site, we don't have all the pictures we need for the other colors. Even though this website is brand new, we are backed up by Richardson Seating which has been in business for over 45 years. You can trust their quality and their warranty.

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No orders

Well, we still haven't gotten any orders. I will probably need to do a trial transaction and make sure the website is actually functional. The pricing should be spot on. I am offering free shipping