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We received our first order

We got our first order. We shipped it a week or so ago and I just updated tracking. I haven't logged into this website in a while so it took a few minutes to figure things out. I still haven't figured out how to take my payment for the order out of the WiX system. I don't think I ever added a bank account so that is something that still needs to be done. I checked and the website is starting to show up on Google finale which is nice. If you search for the term Chicago Bar Stools there is a chance that we might show up. We are one of the very places in the entire world that has any supply of chrome frame bar stools. We have been using every available method to get a few frames in stock so that we can continue producing and keeping all of our employees working. While the pricing may not be what it was a few months ago, the quality is the same or better. We have not lowered the quality of any materials to save money. If you order from Chicago Bar Stools, you will still get the same high quality American made bar stools that you are used to receiving from Richardson Seating, Budget Bar Stools, and Budget Bar Stools Amazon Store.

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No orders

Well, we still haven't gotten any orders. I will probably need to do a trial transaction and make sure the website is actually functional. The pricing should be spot on. I am offering free shipping

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